Lapin's Librarium

update 2022-01-03 I'm hoping to use this site more in 2022, which will involve overhauling the layout, doing some more serious design, and so on. stay tuned!

The purpose of this website is to document my philosophical and literary interests - mostly to keep track of books I want to read and to collate my scattered writings in a single public (but obscure) location. This here is the main page, the hub of my little corner of the net. From here you'll be able to access the Librarium itself, which deals explicitly with the books I'm reading and engaging with, as well pages that contain my writings on those works, original writings, and thoughts on various subjects.

The URL is a reference to Borges' Library of Babel. Borges is inspirational to me in the same way that Kafka is, with his short, esoteric, fragmentary writings.

The door to the Librarium lies open... enter if you dare!


(Oh, go on, it's not all that scary)

The Writing Room

This room serves as a virtual stack of loose-leaf pen-stained graph paper to assist in preserving the contents of my meatspace stack of loose-leaf pen stained graph paper. Enter at your own risk and please avoid smoking or the propagation of open flames.


(It felt strange to have an image-link be the thing at the bottom of the page, so here's some text to make up for it)