Books Completed, 2020

One of my new years resolutions in 2020 was to finish 10 books, a task I completed on the 7th of September - arguably with time to spare, but given the start of school I was glad to have them done. Some of these books are pretty short, under 100 pages, but I think the size of 1Q84 and the density of Absolute Recoil make up for that to some degree. Click those that are clickable for various thoughts on them.

Books Completed, 2021

With 2020 now over, I will begin looking ahead to 2021! My resolution for this year is to read 20 books, and specifically to complete at least the first volume of Capital, and In Search of Lost Time up to and including The Guermantes Way. I may also be rereading some books I read as a kid, and will be faithfully cataloging and including those as well, because frankly why not.

update 2022-01-03 2021 is now over, and although I did not complete any of the above resolutions, I did read a number of interesting books. I'm still assessing my reading goals for 2022...

Currently Reading

These are the books I am actively reading, although at varying rates.

The Shelves

These books are ones that are in my peripheral but are not currently in progress, and may remain in that purgatory for some time.

Books I would like to own